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Welcome to my mindfulness blog!

Updated: Mar 23, 2019

I'm going to use this platform to (over) share about my personal and professional highs and lows, and everything to do with mental health.

“It's Valentine's Day 2019 and I'm more single (and broke) then ever.”

Just a brief disclaimer before I start . . . I am no writer. It has taken me a long time to start this blog. I'm pretty dyslexic and the thought of putting my thoughts onto my laptop absolutely terrifies me! But oddly, I enjoy it at the same time. So, in advance, forgive me for my poor spelling and awful grammar.

So, why start a blog when I really struggle to write? Well, I'm in the process of doing A LOT of things that scare me and this feels quite important. I'm listening to a super inspiring book just now which I'll talk about more later on. Wait, did she say listening to a book? Yes I did . . . Audio books are a dyslexic's best friend; all the knowledge without any of the pain or frustration.

For those of you who don't know me, (honestly, who will be reading this blog who isn't either a family member or friend? ) . . . I'm Agnes!! I started Wellbeing with Agnes in June 2018. After a 4 year career in mental health nursing I found myself very close to burn out. I was over-worked, stressed and unhappy . So within a very short amount of time, I left my permanent nursing job, planned a 3 month trip to America and started a business. Crazy right? Yes. It was completely irresponsible. As it turns out, doing all of those things at once was reckless and left me penniless and living with my mum and sister. More on that story later. Who knew I'd have so much to share?

So it's Valentine's Day 2019, I'm the most single (and broke) then I have ever been and I'm having the time of my life. That's why today felt like a good day to start this blogging journey. I will make a commitment to you now, I will keep this blog so real that you'll want to stop reading, or maybe you'll love it! Who knows. More to come.

Over and out.

Agnes x

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